Griffin Travel Power Bank Keychain Charger for Apple Watch

According to Andrew Biddle (Andrew Biddle), one of the top managers of Griffin Technology, they managed to gracefully cover the Achilles heel of the Apple Watch.

With Travel Power Bank, the operating time of smart watches without recharging increases from symbolic days to almost a full week.

With active use of Apple Watch, the clock battery will not last one working day, it is a fact and sad. If just worn on the arm, occasionally clarifying, which is the hour – the device will work for two days and night, after which you will inevitably have to return to the birth center and the charger.

In Cupertino, and did not think to make it mobile, as if deliberately placing a plate of an inductive mechanism in a massive and not too transportable case. And thus leaving room for creativity to manufacturers of accessories – in Griffin did not fail to take the opportunity.

The new product of the company is a typical battery with a capacity of only 800 mAh. But it’s four times as big, what one-time Apple Watch is required, and the presence of an integrated wireless power transfer plate removes all cable issues.

Possibility to hang a key chain on the ring with keys, capable of rational use to extend the hours of work up to 5-7 days – hand on heart, about this and dreamed the lion’s share of buyers of this apple device. At least, so believe representatives of the manufacturer Power Travel Bank, so do not hesitate to put a price tag in $70.

The kit includes a micro USB cable for recharging the battery itself from any suitable source and a nice mount of a steel ring on a leather strap.