Griffin BreakSafe – MagSafe USB-C cable for 12-inch MacBook

Griffin company introduced BreakSafe USB-C cable, which is designed to fix one of the disadvantages of a 12-inch Macbook and return to the device the usual magnetic mount for charging a laptop.

BreakSafe is very simple, this is 1,8th cable, on both sides of which flaunts a typical USB-C plug. true, from the side, connectable to macbook, the plug is equipped with a magnetic mount, reminiscent of Apple’s MagSafe.

If u pull this cable, then thanks to the design, he won’t pull a macbook, preventing the laptop from falling.

The Griffin cautiously declare – BreakSafe’s detachable part is so small and fits so well into the look of a 12-inch MacBook, that it can be left in the port of the laptop, not taking out after work. Without risk to harm the components of this design or appearance of the device itself.