Grams turns the iPhone 6s screen into scales

The technology of recognition of the force pressing on the screen 3D Touch has provided users of the iPhone 6s a huge number of new features. The developers of jailbreak Tweak also enthusiastically perceived the novelty and immediately adopted it.

Based on 3D Touch Tweak Grams, which can be downloaded from the Cydia BigBoss repository allows you to weigh light objects using iPhone 6s or iPhone 6s Plus. As mentioned, this technology is able to determine strength, with which the user clicks on the smartphone screen. Thanks to a special mathematical algorithm, Grams converts force indicators into mass, expressed in grams. Maximum force, detectable 3D Touch, equal to 385 grams (weight of approximately 385 steel paper clips).

When weighing the item is recommended to be placed in any container, eg, in a tablespoon. This is due to, that the display determines the exact location, where is the pressure, and in this case the spoon – perfect option. Certainly, Before weighing it is necessary to find out the mass of the container itself. Determining the weight of a spoon, You can safely weigh the bags with sugar, office pins, etc. The mass of the object to be weighed is immediately displayed on the display.

Many will certainly be interested in the accuracy of the Grams indicators. In truth, define, how accurately does 3D Touch determine strength, pretty hard. Can, of course, compare the results of the Grams with the results of the already tested scales. However, find scales, capable of weighing such light objects, not easy. On the other hand, the display is very sensitive to the slightest changes in weight and displays the indicators in real time. This suggests, that the screen with 3D Touch is very precisely calibrated. Grams is able to determine the mass of the object with an accuracy of one hundredth of a gram, what many household scales are simply not capable of.

After loading Tweak, a new section will appear in the Control Point. This section will display information about the weighed objects, so, in order to determine the mass of the subject, you must first open the control point. Place the spoon on the display and determine its mass. Place the item in the container. Subtract the weight of the container from the result, and you will learn the mass of the subject itself.