Google Photos for iOS now automatically creates photo albums, adds names, locations and captions

Now Google Photos app for iPhone and iPad allows you to automatically create albums for a large number of photos, add titles and descriptions and even mark on the map, where was this or that shot taken.

«When you return from an event or trip, Google Photos will offer to create a new album, collected from the best photos from the field, where did you go, – reported in the company’s blog. – Surely you took a lot of photos and shot a lot of videos, but you only had enough, to post a couple on social networks. maybe, you were thinking about making an album, which can be shown to family and friends, however sorting photos and choosing the best ones – the process is the same «pleasant», how to unpack suitcases. Therefore, most often they remain on the phone or computer».

The application not only automatically points to the map, where the picture was taken, but also determines the travel route. I.e, Google Photo service is able to completely create an album with a title and captions from scratch, however, if desired, the user can add his own text. If you want to do creative work and create your own album – the application provides such an opportunity.

Friends and relatives can take part in the work on sorting photos, Since in December 2015, Google added the ability to collaboratively create albums into the Photos app.

Currently, the company pays special attention to the application. Recall, that most recently, tech-giant stopped supporting Picasa Desktop Photo Editor and Picasa Web Albums online service, many years enjoyed great popularity. The program is still running, however, updates for her will no longer be available.

Google Photos can also be used from a computer. To do this, go to