Google Ads for iPhone – manage ad companies from a mobile device

For now, Apple is gradually withdrawing from further development and control of the iAd advertising service, Google has published in the App Store the iOS client’s own platform for AdWords advertisers.

Google Ads

With this program, users will be able to track their own advertising messages and manage them. Click Rate Information, hits, as well as updates and other relevant information will be displayed on the main screen of the application. At the same time, users will be able to specify and arrange in a convenient manner the data of interest to them, disabling the broadcast of the remaining information.

Using management tools, users will be able to start and end the campaign, set up a daily budget, control bids for ad groups and keywords. Also, the program will be able to view information about payments and receive tips on optimizing advertising messages to improve their effectiveness.

Google Ads

Besides, the application will report important events, such, eg, like stopping the campaign due to lack of funds. If in the process of working with the utility any problems arise, You can immediately contact the technical support service from the program.

The iAd platform has recently been a direct competitor to AdWords, however, due to the mass departure of advertisers due to Apple’s short-sighted policies, it was decided to stop supporting «apple» advertising service. According to analysts, This step of Cupertini will only strengthen the position of Google in the field of mobile advertising.

Google Ads can be downloaded for free on the App Store. The program is designed to work on devices running iOS 7 or later operating system.