Go Rally – racing for Apple TV with multiplayer mode

Apple, during the advertising campaign for the Apple TV 4G, particularly focused on, that the novelty can be regarded as a full-fledged gaming platform.

but, the truth is, that not many games are coming out for this device, most of which are unlikely to be able to interest a sophisticated gamer. A few smooth out the situation designed a new racing arcade Go Rally.

Go Rally

The game is developed by Inputwish. The main «chip» Go Rally is a mode «pass-and-play», thanks to which several users can alternately play on the same console. Developers also pay attention to intuitive control (can be used as a joystick remote control).

Go Rally

The game has modes of competition and career. There is also the possibility of upgrading racing cars. You can test your virtual driving skills on a hundred or so difficult tracks.

Visually, the game looks quite good, which is definitely a plus. On the screen with a wide diagonal of the race should look even more spectacular. Also pleased with the presence of a multiplayer mode – while a big rarity in games for Apple TV.

In this way, you can play go rally with friends or family.