Forgot Apple Watch password: how to reset to factory settings

Just like in the iPhone, Apple Watch implements data protection with screen lock password. After the sixth attempt to enter the wrong password, the device will be blocked, a message is displayed on the screen, suggesting to repeat the process in a few minutes.

When, if you don’t remember your password, need to remove all information from the smart watch. This can be done using the instructions, published below. After deleting data from Apple Watch, gadget owners can re-pair with the associated device and restore the watch from a backup. Note, backup password is not saved.

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How to reset settings and delete data from Apple Watch

In order to erase information and settings from the clock via a synchronized smartphone, you need to open the Apple Watch on your phone. During the process, the watch should be close to the iPhone.

  1. Open Apple Watch and select the tab «My watch»;
  2. Select item «Main» -> «Reset»;
  3. Click on the option «Erase Apple Watch content and settings», confirm the action. If necessary, enter your Apple ID password.

In the absence of paired with the iPhone clock, you can do the following:

  1. Connect Apple Watch to Apple Magnetic Charging Cable;
  2. Press and hold the side button, until the slider appears «Turn off»;
  3. Press hard on the option to turn off the clock;
  4. Select item «Delete all content and settings».

After deleting data, you can re-sync with iPhone (create a pair), and when prompted, select option «Restore from backup».