Folding iPhone – 2022?

September 2022, the world will be shocked by the first-ever folding iPhone (presumably, model 14). Foxconn (Apple’s assembly partner) allegedly has already tested the phone’s early prototype just several days ago, as reported by United Daily News (China news media).

The model is expected to fold in the midst of its screen, halving the height.Foldable iPhone Reportedly Being Tested by Foxconn - Expected Release Is  September 2022If the tests prove a success, then the first shipments of this foldable model can start in September 2022 – right after Apple Inc. will announce the model on the annual autumn presentation of novelties.

Testing at this stage might include the workability of the OLED/micro-LED screen to decide on the final technology. Today, the standard folding tests stipulate from twenty to thirty thousand folding and unfolding cycles, whilst during this test, over a hundred thousand cycles are planned to make sure the market-greatest stability of functioning.

It is expected that even supplies will come from several companies, Foxconn will remain the assembly point for all iPhones.

Also, rumors say that iPhone 14 can be a two-screen device – just as ‘Surface Duo’ by Microsoft. This information is yet to be backed, as there are no details from any official representative of the supply chain (even United Daily News cites ‘undisclosed sources’