Films shot about Apple Inc.

Did you know that Apple is the company, about which 10 full-length films were shot? This is the biggest number of films that have ever been done about any company, excluding only Walt Disney (11, but the latter is the company that makes films and cartoons itself, so does it need to be counted in this light?). And there are in general 46 creative pieces about its former head and leader, Steve Jobs (these include books, graphic novels, film documentaries, feature films, theater and opera staging, video games, paintings, statues, and audio files). Together this number outruns the number of all films and other creative pieces made about any other company in the world and/or its employees.Proposed technology export ban in US could affect Apple - lifestyleHere is the list of those films (which, by the way, you can watch during the lockdown sitting in the four walls of your home):

  1. Steve Jobs (2015 film) starring Michael Fassbender.
  2. Pirates of Silicon Valley (1999) starring Noah Wyle and Anthony Michael Hall.
  3. Halt and Catch Fire (TV series, 2014) portraying the young days of the computer industry (4 seasons made by AMC).
  4. Welcome to Macintosh (2008) documentary.
  5. Macheads (2009) documentary.
  6. Love Notes to Newton (2018) documentary and General Magic (2019) documentary – two very closely connected films that tell about spinoffs of the Apple in the 1990s, covering the brief story of the company called “General Magic” that lived from 1990 to 2002. The company has made a lot of products that today became mainstream, such as USB, software modems, touchscreens, networked games, convenient email, and streaming TV. Most of its patents as the company became defunct were bought by Paul Allen, one of Microsoft’s leaders.
  7. Steve Jobs: The Lost Interview (2012) and Objectified (2009) – these two are mostly films about the industry, not only about Apple itself or Steve Jobs only.
  8. The Social Network. Many people know this film as a social biographical drama about the path of Facebook. But the film partly relates to Apple.