Facebook application on the iPhone “eats” daily 15% of the battery charge

If you delete the Facebook mobile application and access the social network through a browser, iPhone 6s Plus battery life can be significantly extended.

This conclusion was reached by The Guardian journalist Samuel Gibbs after conducting his own testing. As it turned out, the application significantly consumes battery power, even if you use it very little.

During the week Gibbs every evening at 22:30 checked the battery level, after which he deleted the Facebook application and continued daily to monitor the consumption of resources. Journalist discovered, that after removing the program every night at 22:30 battery level was at 15% above.

«At night I put the phone on charge, and at 7:30 in the morning disconnected the charger and used as usual. I went to the excellent mobile version of Facebook through Safari for the same length of time and carried out the same actions, as in the application. Besides, I did not delete Facebook Messenger», — Gibbs explained.

IPhone users, decide to independently verify the truthfulness of the words of a journalist, as a result came to similar conclusions. The press service of Facebook said, that deal with this issue.

Remarkable, that removing the Facebook app allows you to extend the battery life of Android devices by 20%. I.e, the problem is not in the platform and not in the device, and in the program itself.

Users of a Facebook application should limit its dependence on background services, deactivating the function «History of places» (Still -> Friends nearby -> Gear Icon -> Geolocation settings -> History of places) and geolocation services (Settings -> Privacy -> Geolocation Services -> Facebook -> Never).

Last fall, a flurry of criticism from users fell on Facebook for, that the application activates by default «History of places» and continues to run in the background even after closing. The company promised to fix the annoying «a mistake», but, was it done, unknown.