F1 2016 game for iPhone and iPad – a new era in the racing simulator genre

Studio Codemasters in the development of a racing simulator F1 2015 was forced to sacrifice some key elements of the game because of the transition to a new console.

for example, mode was excluded from the project «Career». But in F1 2016 the creators of the game tried to rehabilitate, returning to her the possibility of professional growth racer, as well as adding many new and interesting features to the simulator.

In mode «Career» the player first creates his character, then signs a contract with the team and only after that gets access to the competition. You can start playing like a Ferrari pilot, and building a career from the bottom.

The essence of virtual F1 remains the same, but the design of the game has changed a little. for example, the user is given more information about backstage Formula 1: conduct a tour of the offices of the teams and get acquainted with the employees of the boxes. Besides, during races with the player will always get in touch engineer, reporting the weather, giving advice on strategy and tons.P.

If earlier the role of the pilot was limited to participation in races, now after the competition he and the mechanic will have to decide, what exactly should be improved in your car. Modifications will first help compensate for insufficient machine power, and closer to the middle of the game will allow it to technically improve, approaching the level of leaders. Participation in competitions, performing tasks and winning will allow the player to develop within the team, But to improve the skill of controlling the machine can be in free races. The latter are full of mini-missions, that will help you to get comfortable with technical subtleties, take a closer look at the tracks, learn how to handle rubber and DRS.

Besides «Career», there is also a mode «Championship», consisting entirely of one competition. It allows you to focus exclusively on races and achieve positions in the final table.

Multiplayer in F1 2016 carefully crafted: there is an opportunity to create your own championships and participate in races of other users. For the first time in the history of the series, the maximum number of players in the multiplayer mode has reached 22 people – as in this Formula 1.

Heats are divided into short for beginners – 3-5 laps included – and long for the pros – consisting of 25 laps. At the same time, experienced gamers in online mode do not always withstand stress even in «preparatory» racing option.

It is impossible to ignore the game and physics. Immediately it should be noted, that in this respect it is difficult to compare it with other top simulators. The F1 2016 project focuses on formula cars and therefore all those particular moments are played up in it, faced by a pilot during a competition.

for example, the creators are very well conveyed the feeling of grip rubber with asphalt. Moreover, this feature varies depending on the degree of tire wear. And in general, the player will have to think through a strategy for each particular race in advance, considering the technical characteristics of his car and the weather conditions during the competition.

Just the same clear sky or drizzling light rain can play a crucial role in the race. The cars will be pretty realistic slip on the wet asphalt, they will bring, but at the same time the course of events in such cases will depend directly only on the skills of the pilot.

The difference between cars is felt in F1 2016 more acutely, than in the previous parts of the series. All race cars they are endowed with characteristic details only, who feel good while riding. But the AI ​​is still empty and stupid, as before: it’s also easy to get around when cornering, and he does not react to the opponent’s maneuvers.

Mastering the control of your car will have to spend some time: a lot of subtleties, and they all do not cover in several races. In this regard, beginners should start with the easiest level of complexity, which here, by the way, seven. In addition, there is the possibility of fine-tuning electronic assistants, which should facilitate the process of getting used to management.

Generally, F1 2016 takes a step forward from the previous part, demonstrating a new degree of realism and detail. The evolution of the series lies in the smallest elements, setting the tone for the game. And the development of the series in this direction can not but rejoice.