Exciting facts about Apple Inc. you might find interesting to know

It is always exciting to discover something peculiar about your favorite brand or company. Below, we’re submitting for your interest some exciting facts about Apple Company – for general knowledge. Also, with that article, we’re starting a series of articles with exciting facts about Apple Inc.

  1. Apple Inc. had numerous juridical litigations with The Beatles, a famous music band, over a trademark owned by them called ‘Apple Corps’, whilst the company was named back then as ‘Apple Computer’. The battles lasted from 1978 to 2007 until were finally resolved in favor of a company.
  2. Apple Inc. is generally known for its aggressive litigation protection of everything belonging to the company’s copyright, trademarks, patents, and intellectual property. It is rather hard to find an area of IT business, where the company wouldn’t have had at least one litigation. Thousands of them for the company’s entire history cover areas of antitrust law, consumer and seller actions, trade practice, defamation, patents, copyrights, trademarks, data theft, corporate espionage – in software and hardware fields and even national governmental regulations.
  3. If the third company’s founder that nobody knows about as of today, Ronald Wayne, stayed with the company, he’d probably be 60-billion worth billionaire nowadays.Apple Incorporated Performance Analysis | Strategic Management Analysis
  4. You can officially void your warranty when you smoke using your iMac should the service’s center officials know about it!
  5. Despite being the biggest company in the world by capitalization ($2.354 trillion) and 12th in revenue in 2020 ($260 billion), Apple is not even in the top-30 of the biggest companies for the number of hired employees (137,000). The biggest employer on the planet today is the US Department of Defense (3.2 million people) followed by Walmart (2.1 million).
  6. The company is so big and prosperous that its market capitalization ($2.354 trillion) is 118% bigger than the total amount of cash (bills and coins) of the US government currently in circulation globally on the planet ($1.990 trillion). What’s even more exciting – out of all planetary dollar cash amount, Apple Inc. currently holds 10.41% ($207.06 billion) as of Q1 2020! Figuratively speaking, it is financially capable of buying the entire US Treasury’s cash debt (with its stocks and cash) should it ever been possible.