Error 3194 in iTunes when restoring firmware

You tried to restore the firmware of your gadget, but due to an unknown error you failed to complete the task?

Today we will tell, why error 3194 may occur in iTunes when restoring firmware and, of course, answer the main question about, how to eliminate it. In fact, nothing complicated there – You have to do a few simple steps.

Causes of error

Computer users are facing it, who edited the system Hosts file and changed Apple server data there. If you suddenly forgot to restore the original Hosts file, don’t worry – the problem is solved. Following our instructions you can easily restore the firmware.

There are two options to deal with the problem – manually editing the Hosts file or installing TinyUmbrella.

Manual editing Hosts

We will not restore the file, just make some small changes to it. so, You have to do the following:

  1. Go on the way, specified in the screenshot.
  2. Click on the hosts file with the right mouse button and open it with any text editor. Fit and «Notebook».
  3. Find the line, in which the site is mentioned «».
  4. Put a mark first #, as indicated in the screenshot
  5. Restart your computer and return to the procedure for restoring the firmware.

If the save file failed, then copy the host to the desktop and edit it, according to clause 2, 3, 4. Save and copy back to the folder with the file host, if you need to confirm the action on behalf of the administrator, then we agree. Reboot the system.

TinyUmbrella problem solving on Windows and Mac

Do not worry, Jailbreak we will not put. but, On the official website of the program developer, you still have to go, to download the latest version.

Here’s what you should do next:

  1. Install the utility.
  2. Launch it and go to the tab «Advanced».
  3. Now you need to uncheck the checkbox, marked on the screenshot.
  4. Click «Apply Changes» to save changes.
  5. Reboot your computer.
  6. Try the restore procedure again.

A similar problem may also occur when updating a device. Anyway, Now you know, how to deal with error 3194 when restoring firmware on iPhone or iPad. And better – just remember to restore the original version of the hosts after manipulating this file in order to downgrade the firmware.