Download the game Pokemon go on iOS

Today we want to bring to your attention a new generation game, which in a matter of hours became known to the whole wide world, took first place in the TOP App Store.

There is a huge chance, that soon it will become more popular social network microblogging better known as Twitter. Yes Yes, You’re right, the name of this game Pokemon GO! She is able to bring you back to childhood, when we all watched Pokemon cartoons. If they bypassed you – It’s not a problem, Now we will tell you, what kind of miracle creatures are and what they are.

Who are pokemon?

The end of the nineties can be considered the beginning of life Pokemon. It was then that the game of the same name was first launched on the Game Boy portable console. The goal of the main character is to trap creatures with different super abilities and their subsequent learning in a wide variety of skills, in order to win competitions with their help. As you understood, these same creatures with abilities are pokemon.

What is the game Pokemon GO?

The essence remains the same: You should also be looking for a Pokemon. Only now the gameplay has undergone so many changes, that it simply does not know. The game was released recently. It is designed for smartphones and tablets running iOS.

Why she so quickly gained such popularity? It’s all about augmented reality. It uses all sorts of smartphone resources – from GPS to camera. It all looks like this, as if you are looking for a pokemon on the streets of your city. That Pokemon GO was able to make augmented reality mainstream, which is generally surprising. It is played literally in every corner of our planet – and in the USA, and in European countries.

Downloading Pokemon Go on iPhone

As noted above, it uses almost all smartphone resources. In particular, she needs GPS data to work, clock (in order to know, how many hours did you spend inside the application), as well as the camera – the same effect of augmented reality.

You run the game, then you get into the world of pokemon. The goal is to find them. They are randomly arranged, to find them, should use your iPhone or iPad. Saw a pokemon, rather catch him, train, to further use it in battles with other Pokemon.

The more extensive your Pokemon collection, the more interesting to fight. Need to travel as much as possible in the real world – you can’t just sit still for long, otherwise you won’t pick a Pokemon at all. Hurry up! Download Pokemon GO on iPhone or iPad and plunge into the world of augmented reality!

Unheard of popularity of the Pokemon GO

Above, we have repeatedly said, that the game immediately hit the top of all sorts of TOP and on the App Store. Thanks to this success, Nintendo’s stock price literally soared ten percent on its first day, in few days – another 23%, for seven days the cost of the share in the total bill grew by as much as seventy percent. Agree, success is really staggering!

As it turned out, even those people showed interest in the game, who has never played the old version and did not watch cartoons about these wonderful creatures.

Download Pokemon GO yourself on an iPhone or iPad and catch a Pokemon in the real world. And remember, with this game you will not be able to sit in one place!