Donut Country: a real-physics physics story puzzle

Donut County – studio physical puzzle from the studio, who released such game hits as: Gorogoa, Florence and Flower, in which you play for BK, raccoon, working as a dispatcher in the donut delivery service.

That’s just instead of sending donuts, he is engaged in sending holes (through the mobile game interface), addictive items, people and other animals. He does this for two reasons: 1) raccoons LOVE to collect garbage and 2) BK really wants to level up in the game and win the desired quadcopter.

After that, how he got into one of his own holes, in which by that time almost the entire population of the town is already, VC with his best friend Mira begins to act. Continuing to manage the hole, raccoon becomes the cause of events, complaints to which he then listens from the rest of the inhabitants, represented in the game by various animals.

The game is equally touching, funny and funny. The puzzle element is pretty simple, but at the same time interesting. The player moves the hole with the cursor, and if something on the surface above is small enough, it will fall right into her. More rubbish (pebbles, geckos, houses, mopeds, etc.) you will collect, the bigger the hole will be, eventually absorbing whole areas of terrain. In addition to tightening things, you can also occasionally throw them away, thus collecting hard to reach items, such as bird nests and beehives.

Each completed section gives experience for BK and brings it to level 10 (as well as explanation, what exactly happened to his desired quadcopter).

The concept of the game in the game works surprisingly well, allowing you to tell a story during gameplay and simultaneously convey the idea of ​​a silly, but addictive and at the same time destructive application. The levels are short and fun, interesting characters, and the story moves at a comfortable pace. Even if you go through the game in a couple of hours, it will be a very busy time.

The game has the so-called Trashopedia, describing objects from the point of view of a raccoon and wonderful animation, animal personality.

Puzzles, on which you can get stuck, there is very little in the game. In the worst case, the player will repeat the same actions, until, finally, will not achieve the desired result.

Donut Country is available on the App Store. IPhone will be required to download the game, iPad or iPod Touch running iOS 10 or later.