Colorburn – 1000 filters for iPhone and iPad camera

The Colorburn program not only collected a lot of good reviews, but also was awarded the title of the best application for working with the camera of iOS devices according to the version of Apple itself.

Key feature of Colorburn – the ability to creatively manipulate a set of thousands of different filters for images from an iPhone or iPad camera. The lion’s share of them is designed by professionals and is intended for the thematic design of photos, others allow you to transform an arbitrary frame so, guaranteed to impress subscribers on social networks. A mechanism for fast publishing is attached, also provides for a system of rejection of works and the formation of a gallery of selected works of their own art.

The plethora of effects and options for thoughtful image editing are impressive, but do not put an inexperienced user in a dead end, It is for the simplicity of development and friendliness to newbies Apple and singled out the application from a wide range of similar software. Colorburn filters are available as extensions directly from the standard Photo application. Including, when working with the new iPad Pro tablet – it is underlined separately.

Same, who does not tolerate fuss in the process of capturing and exploiting the muse, useful is the functionality of cutting individual frames into fragments and creating arbitrary collages. Bold experiments are not just welcome, in fact, Colorburn application and is intended for similar work.