Children’s game Toca Kitchen 2

Toca Kitchen — sequel to the popular game from Toca Boca, which will certainly appeal to all connoisseurs of culinary art.

In Toca Kitchen 2, players can create their own recipes and experiment with the culinary preferences of guests.

From the game description:

«In Toca Kitchen 2 to play with the products has become even more fun. Choose different characters and surprise them with fish dishes, fruits and vegetables. Young chefs can decide for themselves, what to do with the ingredients: bake, cook, fry, cut, mash, pickle or pepper. Mix the ingredients as you like, but do not overdo it in the process – your guests may not like baked fish head with fried scraps and lettuce juice».

The choice of small cooks are five kitchen utensils.

Just like in the original game, users will have the opportunity to observe the reaction of guests to this or that dish, what will be the hint about the taste preferences of the characters.

Innovations in the game Toca Kitchen 2

  • New products in the fridge;
  • New guests, for which you need to cook;
  • More emotional guests reaction;
  • Five kitchen accessories for cooking;
  • New juicer and oven;
  • No rules, no stress — only fun and lots of fun for kids!;
  • No extraneous advertising;
  • No in-app purchases.

Toca Kitchen 2 – third game from the Toca series, become free as part of the promotion «Application of the week». Previously Toca Cars races and Toca Nature’s popular educational app were offered for free download. Besides, new addition to the lineup is already available in the App Store – music game Toca Dance.