CardioBot for Apple Watch and iOS was improved with new features

A highly popular CardioBot, which you might be using right now, was added with new functions. This little fellow is working for you to give a comprehensive insight into your health thanks to pieces of data it collects from gadgets worn on your body. Below, we are observing the additions:

  • Change of the limit of heart points goal
  • Fix of the button for workout start
  • Redesigning of the feature of heart rate summary
  • The features of HRV and complication of HRV were added
  • The feature of complication of blood oxygen was added
  • For those looking for a quick inside of heart rate, a small HR widget was designed
  • A widget of resting heart rate was elaborated
  • A widget for blood oxygen was included.

Приложение CardioBot для Apple Watch от азербайджанского разработчика  доступно в iTunes - InfoCity

The CardioBot can be downloaded for free and it also has the function of free usage with limited functions. In order to switch to the full version, you must pay for the subscription. After the purchase, the activation code for the full version is given to you, which you are to enter. But below (for the sake of your economy), we publish several activation codes, which you are free to use now (specifically for our readers):


Each of the codes is able to give 1 month of free usage of a premium version of the CardioBot app. But hurry up to grab and use them before other readers of our website did it.