Call from iPad to phones

Users, buying an iPad, want to, first of all, get at your disposal a modern and functional gadget. If you want to make a device for all 100% useful, you can also call from him.

Of course, you cannot make calls from iPad initially, but there are some tricks, which will allow to realize a similar opportunity. Not, magic is not needed here, special programs will come to the rescue.

We use Skype for calls

Very popular software, with which you can not only communicate with users, but also call ordinary phones. In order to make calls you need to pre-fill your account. It would be advisable to get acquainted with the tariffs and then decide on the amount of replenishment. You can call around the world, which is very cool. The main plus is, what to buy a sim card and register the number is not necessary. Simply create an account and top up the balance.

Use PhoneIt-iPad

In order for the utility to work you need a SIM card. If there is a 3G module, it will be easy to call and even send SMS. The software literally transforms the iPad into a regular phone: you can take calls or call yourself. Main disadvantage – can use the program on the iPad, where iOS is installed at least 4.3.3. Jailbreak also needed, which is not at all happy. In other words, Not everyone can use the software. Instructions, as well as the actions you can find below the link to

Use Multiphone

Popular enough program, which allows you to make calls from iPad. To do this, download the application and activate the service. You can even record a conversation on the phone, if need be. The utility is very easy to use.

We use messengers to call from the tablet

There are currently a number of utilities, that allow you to send messages, chatting, make calls. You just need to have an account and access to the Internet. The most famous programs: Viber, Line, Tango.

For example, In Line, you can make calls even abroad, text sending is available, voice messages. Usually in such programs is good communication. The interface is clear and simple, what provides usability. Besides, no sim card needed. All applications are available in the official App Store.

As always, be in touch?

To be able to make a call, whenever, even if there is no Wi-fi access point nearby, then you can buy a portable 3G router. He can hand out internet there, where is the mobile connection.

These are simple ways, and if you know another and more convenient way, welcome to our hut. We write our ways in the comments.