Botanicula game review: atmospheric adventure quest for iPhone, iPad and Mac

There are not so many quests like Botanicula, for game developers, their creation is risky, due to the complexity of the development and the size of the target audience.

Therefore, each new project of such a high level necessarily attracts a lot of attention.

However, Botanicula developers (Amanita Design Studio) at the time of the creation of the game already had a serious experience, after all, thanks to their efforts, the world saw one of the most popular and successful quests on the App Store – Machinarium. Naturally, parallels are traced, and on one of the locations you can even notice the main character «machine-building».

From comparisons here is no escape, and the main difference between the two projects Amanita Design – level of difficulty, which has fallen noticeably. Control «point’n’click» remained unchanged, but the very quest, in the full sense of the word, it became less. Many tasks, which the player will have to decide as they pass (which takes no more than five hours) performed by «scientific method».

However, Botanicula has a lot more advantages, than minuses, which is confirmed by numerous awards and high marks from famous game critics. Firstly, worth noting the atmosphere, which pretty quickly fascinates the user.

According to the plot, four friends go looking for the last seed of the tree, on which they live. The tree itself is a global location, broken into separate fragments, each of which is completely different from the rest. Everything is traced in detail and with a proper amount of humor, and the developers have emphasized their high level due to the excellent soundtracks.

To download Botanicula, you must have an iPad with iOS version 8 or higher.0.