Borrow an iPhone

Surely, you’ve been drooling for an iPhone, but the problem is you don’t have enough money.

How can you enjoy the different advantages of this smart phone? Well there’s one efficient solution: borrow an iPhone. You definitely have a friend or two who’ll be glad to allow you to use it for the meantime. But if you want him to let you borrow again, here are some things you must not do:

Don’t Use Its EDGE technology. If you don’t want your friend to frown or worse never permit you to use the iPhone again, avoid using the phone’s Internet browsing technology unless you are near any WiFi connection. EDGE system of AT&T is slow with regards to data transmission. You shouldn’t tell your friend about this; else, he might think that you’re only trying to criticize the phone.

Avoid checking e-mails. When you’re using somebody else’s property there’s the temptation of perusing another persons missives—in this case, e-mail accounts. If you press the Mail button found in the iPhone, you’re given immediate access to your friend’s e-mail messages from Gmail, Yahoo, as well as other accounts. Hotmail, fortunately, gives you no easy option.

Do not surf porn in the iPhone. Maybe for curiosity’s sake, you decided to browse a porn site utilizing the Safari web browser of the phone. You think you can get away with it, but think again. Like any other web browser found in your PC or notebook, Safari has its own History function that can make it very easy for your friend to check the sites you’ve visited. Surely, he’ll know what you did.

If you can’t stop it, however, make sure that you clear History and cache before returning the iPhone. You can do that by pressing on the Home button. Go to Settings, look for Safari, tap it, and scroll down. Tap on “Clear Cache” and “Clear History.”
Avoid smudging and sneezing. Before you ever lay your fingers on the iPhone, wipe your fingers ahead. The screen may be superb and shiny to look at, but don’t coat it with grease. Turn your back or cover your mouth when you’re about to sneeze. If you think finger prints are bad, a sneeze residue is far worse.

Read the manual. There’s a reason why it has a manual, and it’s opt to be read. So do that. Ask your friend to read through the manual before you decide to operate the iPhone. Just a few hints, though. Don’t place the iPhone in any external heat source to dry the phone. Also, avoid crushing, bending, puncturing, shredding, microwaving, painting, disassembling, or inserting any object into the iPhone.

Unless you can’t follow this, then better get your own.