Black Hat Technique

The latest is that after hundreds of hours and with the help of a few online friends – a 17-year old was able to conquer the iphone.

He confirmed that the phones are now used on the T-Mobile’s network.

Now, with one of his two unlocked iPhones up for sale on eBay – and bidding reaching ridiculous levels nearing $100 million Friday – he is hoping to use the proceeds to buy something his peers might appreciate: a new set of wheels.

The Race is really ON.

The newest phone technology of Apple is on fire these days—and has been the subject of hacking all over the world. The Race is on. In fact, after more than 3,000 security professionals and hackers converged for the annual Black Hat Conference. They have one goal: to detect one majority security imperfection of iPhone.

Security Problems of iPhone

So how does the so-called iPhone hack work? What does it mean to me?

Hackers can trick the victims to visit a malicious website through their iPhone. From there, they can retrieve all important information about the phone users. Unscrupulous hackers can then utilize these data for illegitimate transactions. The worst part is, you don’t know about it until it’s already too late.

However, Apple doesn’t want to simply take matters sitting down. They are currently developing a patch for iPhone. Should this really come to fruition, this will be considered the first software upgrade for the phone. Nevertheless, none of their representatives can ever explain if such patch will come just before the release of such findings.

You may ask, however, why should Apple handle security patches when other mobile phone manufacturers are giving this type of control to mobile carriers? This is because the majority of the carriers are pretty slow in developing security patch devices, no matter even if they already know that there are bugs existing.

Exclusive iPhone patching by Apple provides two types of benefit: one, they can easily create a software that will correct the flaw, and second, who else does know the iPhone better than its manufacturers, right?

Should It Cause a Public Stir?

Should this latest technological glitch cause bother to iPhone users? Yes, it should, as it only means that what you may have is a weak system that can be penetrated by simply anyone, especially those who are highly knowledgeable in the process of hacking.

But it doesn’t mean that you can’t do anything to at least alleviate the potential problem:
Study your iPhone very carefully. A lot of mobile users seldom care in reading their instruction manuals. These are created because they contain instructions when problems arise. How to beat the hack may not be there, but if you have adequate knowledge of your iPhone, you can easily detect if something is amiss.

Make yourself constantly updated. Now that there are already initial findings available, you just need to brush up on the latest updates available about the security patch. Visit the iPhone website as often as possible. You can also contact their customer or technical support, or drop by the nearest Apple store within your area.