Baldur’s Gate 2 Game Review: Enhanced Edition for iPhone and iPad

For many gamers from around the world, the Baldur series of games’s Gate evokes nostalgic feelings. It was she who became one of the fundamental games, determine the further development of the genre RPG.

Baldur’s Gate was made according to the second edition of the rules of the desktop role-playing game Dungeons and Dragons and was developed by the renowned studio BioWare.

As for fans of the series, so for ordinary fans of video games output Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition on iOS has become a real event.

The game is different thoughtful universe, nonlinear narration and special attention to various small details.

Development of the updated Baldur edition’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition was engaged in one of the divisions of the online store Beamdog, namely studio Overhaul Games. Remarkable, that Beamdog was founded was a BioWare Trent Oster. Throne of Bhaal is already included in the updated version.

The player has to overcome the difficult path of the son or daughter of the god of murderers of Baal. In the journey to the hero will help party members, which can take up to six characters. Allies, as always it was taken in the series, have a well-defined personality, habits, character, convictions. In the course of the game you can quarrel with them, disagree, weave intrigue and twist novels.

The game takes place in a variety of interesting locations, including on the island of pirates, vampire dungeons, dragon caves, underwater city and, neither more nor less, in hell itself. Places inhabit all kinds of monsters and other dangerous enemies.

In the study of locations the character will fall into different situations, which often overlap and resolve, taken at runtime in a single quest, may remind of themselves in another. Quests are full of ingenious puzzles, however, problems can be solved with the help of force, good for this player is given a wide selection of different weapons. Besides, Tactical pause function is available to the player, allowing you to think carefully about the next attack.

A distinctive feature of iOS editions are free add-ons, including «Black Pits II: gladiators tay», about 30 new locations and 4 new characters. The technical part of the game was also finalized. As noted by Trent Oster, many problems of the original game were fixed, updated design of locations, and also improved interface. The schedule was decided to leave almost unchanged, which adds a special nostalgic charm to the game.

Fans of the series and just lovers of good video games will appreciate Baldur’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition. The game is able to delay for many hours thanks to interesting quests, well-thought-out setting and convenient mechanics.

It should be noted, that this iOS port includes the Baldur kit’s Gate II: Enhanced Edition consisting of the original Shadow Amn 60-hour campaign, as well as the following four free add-ons:

  • Black Pits II: gladiators tay: set your enemies against each other, avoiding traps and fighting for your life;
  • Fist of the Fallen: help Rasaadu, the monk of the Solar Soul, find peace, having accomplished vengeance;
  • Baal spawn;
  • Throne of Baal: take part in traveling around Tethyr and in the worlds of the gods.

In the form of in-app purchases, add-ons are offered: «To protect the wild forces», «Price, paid in blood» and «Voice in the dark».

In the latest update of the game, developers have made over 500 fixes, and also added Russian localization.

Baldur game’s Gate 2: Enhanced Edition available for iPhone, iPad and iPod touch running iOS 8.0 or higher.

Developers warn, That the game is optimized for tablets and is not recommended for devices with a screen size less than 7 inches.