Aqua TV – Virtual Aquarium for Apple TV

There is a separate, fairly popular group of apps for Apple TV, which is designed to create a special atmosphere in the room, in which the set-top box is installed. It’s about programs, streaming video from all over the world, as well as about «living» screensavers.

The last category of applications includes the virtual aquarium «Aqua TV». This program is endowed with numerous settings, that will allow the user to create the appearance of the aquarium and fill it with a variety of fish.

When you first start the application, the user is provided with 12 thousand shells, which should be used as currency to buy a preferred size aquarium, background decorations and, proper, the fish themselves. Don’t worry – this «amounts» should be enough for everything you need. The first thing the user will be asked to buy an aquarium. The program has a choice of three options, differing in size.

Next comes the stage of choosing fish. A total of nine species and they differ from each other not only in appearance, but also costing – the most expensive fish will cost the user 675 shells. It is recommended to buy no more than 20-25 fish, that they were not crowded in the aquarium.

After that, you should buy a decor for a new fish dwelling. There are completely different options, from the background sticker on the back wall of the aquarium to the luxurious miniature mansions. The price of the decor does not bite, so you can safely choose the most beautiful options.

If the user is not enough in the process «currencies», then the developers suggest turning to inline purchases.

The application is really good and will definitely please the eye of the user, and also allow him to relax after a hard day.

However, it is worth mentioning the shortcomings of the application. Perplexity can cause a limited budget – Still, the program is paid and one could do without built-in purchases. It would not hurt to give the application a bit more interactivity too, — eg, the function of feeding the fish or their management.