Apple Watch in training – apps and usage tips

Apple Watch smart watches were developed not only as a convenient addition to iPhone communicators, but also as a separate gadget, designed to track users’ physiological indicators.

Thanks to the sensor system and unique software, The watch records the user’s health data and offers appropriate tips. Despite some limited smart watch functions, In this case, it is important to take into account the potential of such devices. And this means not the improvement by the developers of their product with each new model, but expanding the set of device options through third-party applications.

About the trends in the creation of software for Apple Watch told Jay Blahnik – medical consultant, busy in design «apple» smart watch. According to him, among applications for this type of device, there are two dominant groups: programs for motivation and software, written for specific training. The specialist also noted, that developers have paid a lot of attention to graphic circles in the base application «Activity». With the support of this feature, a number of useful utilities have already been released.

Useful apps for Apple Watch owners


  • In order to change goals for the day, you just need to press hard on the clock display, having previously started the application «Activity»;
  • For a detailed report on the distance traveled and calories burned, you need to navigate the screen from right to left in the mode of viewing activity indicators;
  • In case of inconsistency of the indicators of total activity per day and similar indicators, fixed during sports, necessary in the program «Activity» open the menu with data for the day and swipe left;
  • On their success in sports and maintaining a general physical tone can be shared on social networks, using a special iPhone app.


Program, which will allow you to track the user’s physiological indicators during strength training (the number of approaches is also recorded, weight and pr.). The entire amount of data received, syncs with standard Apple Watch smart watches.

3 Minute Mindfulness

App for breathing exercises with user-friendly interface.


The name speaks for itself: set of exercises for yoga. Contains images of poses, report time and display calories.

Runtastic Running: Run Tracker

Popular application for sports jogging. Includes training mode and synchronization with the program Activity.

7 MinuteWorkout

The program contains a set of training, lasting just seven minutes. The clock screen displays the image of positions and a timer with data.

Lark – 24/7 Health Coach

Virtual nutritionist. Will ask questions about diet, the answer to which will need to dictate the device. Based on information received, the program will provide nutrition correction tips.


Application with standard features (calorie counting, diet and physical activity control), which does not require synchronization with the iPhone.


A very useful habits application. Hodgepodge tips, who can guide the path of the true lazy and unsportsmanlike users.


application, which will control the amount of water consumed and notify the user about the recommended reception.


The main function of this solution – calorie control.

Headspace: Meditation

A little outdated application, designed to deal with stress. Contains numerous exercises, which will help the user to relax and escape from problems.

Runkeeper—GPS Running Tracker

Another user program, who are not indifferent to sports running. Contains basic functions and synchronization with standard Apple Watch apps.