Apple Watch can help detect Coronavirus

According to a few latest pieces of research released by Stanford University and NY’s MSHS organization, Apple Watch is able to detect Coronavirus at early stages. So early, in fact, that it is detected before blood tests and the onset of any symptoms. Experts reveal that there are hopes for all owners of smartwatches by Apple and other companies that it can be a new word in the coercion of pandemics (especially given the fact that there will be no herd immunity in 2021 reached, according to early investigations done by health specialists). By the way, not only Covid can be monitored in such a way but other similar diseases, too.

The bases of the virus search are slight changes in a person’s heartbeat, which start to differ from the usual rhythm. The change comes in about 7 days prior to the first symptoms’ arrival. The study was conducted for 5 months on about 300 people wearing smartwatches all the time. As a result, specialists were able to determine similar patterns in all people who got the virus disease, and that the immune system reacts to it within 7 days before the symptoms appear.New watch can help doctors monitor your heart in real time | American Heart  Association

The heartbeat markers are able to tell whether there is a need to visit a doctor to do a couple of health tests. This works well not only for viral diseases but also for anything that causes inflammations in the body, which change the heartbeat pattern. This will allow predicting a health issue long before a person knows about it consciously. Wearing any type of smartwatch (including Apple’s product) can reduce human input in the detection of diseases because the gadget will be able to tell about the changes with a high degree of precision and statistics, and doctors will not anymore have to rely on patient’s words that he or she ‘isn’t feeling well’. Also, this can be of great help if patients are asymptomatic.