App Store Connect will require Apple ID with 2-step verification

Verification in 2 steps becomes an essential thing for security in Apple products – shortly, this will become obligatory for app developers. Recently, App Store Connect or ASC (software needed to upload developed apps inside the App Store) informed some of its users about the planned start of requiring 2-step verification connected to Apple ID. So you should, probably, check whether you have it enabled in your account. All other accounts will be turned off.

Before the option has to come out as necessary, ASC only requires a password today. This will change in February 2021. This added layer of security is needed to make sure nobody else is using your account.

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App Store Connect will be working with 2-step & 2-factor authorization. These are similar yet slightly different methods of proving access to your Apple ID account. Currently, it is not planned that there will be any difference between them & the two will be equally adopted by Apple. Still, if you have any doubts about what type of authorization you are currently using (if any), go to the official Apple support article to find out:

Despite novelty affecting all accounts, it won’t bring much additional hustle & bustle, as a fair share of developers has already implemented one of the authentication methods in their accounts, understanding what risks using only one password brings. That, however, according to the opinion of some developers, makes the life of users of Fastlane harder. (Fastlane is an open-source platform that automates some aspects of iOS & Android app developers, including making releases).