Alto’s Adventure – an exciting “winter” platform game for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV

In the winter of 2015, in the App Store appeared fascinating platform Alto’s Adventure for iPhone, iPad and Apple TV from Snowman Software developer.

The game is endless «running with obstacles» and fascinates «physical» gameplay.

Locality in Alto’s Adventure is developed on the basis of real snowboarding sites, and dynamic lighting, changing weather conditions and six snowboarders make the game realistic. The application costs 379 rubles, but will not keep in-game purchases.

From the game description:

«Join the endless snowboard-odyssey of Alto and his friends. Enjoy a journey through the beautiful alpine hills with wildlife, cute villages, ancient forests and abandoned ruins. You will save runaway lamas, slide over the roofs, jump over horrific abysses, as well as demonstrate their cunning in front of the mountain elders. And all this against the background of constantly changing elements of the landscape over time».

Learn to play Alto’s Adventure is very simple – with just one button you can control a snowboarder, guiding him through the mountains and valleys, through the fog, rainbow, shooting stars and t.d.

The user can test himself, Doing yourself over 180 specially designed tasks, or go to the Game Center with friends and compete in the number of points earned, the duration of the distance traveled and the complexity of the tricks.

Universal version of Alto’s Adventure for iPhone, iPad, iPod touch and Apple TV available on the App Store. The application supports iCloud, so that the game already started can be continued on any device with saving the results.