Alarm clock on Apple Watch: how to enable, configure and manage

By analogy with the iPhone, Apple Watch smart watches offer the ability to set alerts in case of, if you do not want to miss something important.

You can also share related apps on iPhone and Apple Watch, since notifications on the iPhone will also arrive on the watch, and turning off the signal on one device will turn off the notification on the other.

But if you want to use only Apple Watch, setting alerts is pretty easy.

How to set an alarm on Apple Watch

  1. Open app «Alarms» on apple watch.
  2. Click «Add».
  3. Click on the clock box.
  4. Turn the Digital Crown, to set the desired hour.
  5. Click on the box of minutes. Turn the Digital Crown, to set the minutes.

How to edit, disable or delete alarms on Apple Watch

  1. Run the application «Alarms» on apple watch.
  2. Choose an alarm, to be edited.
  3. Click on the button «To repeat».
  4. Select an alarm snooze time. Options available «everyday», «Weekdays», «Weekends» or individual days of the week.
  5. Click «To repeat» to return to the editing screen.
  6. Click «Label Alarm», to assign a description to the call (produced by voice and only in English).
  7. Click «Done».
  8. Press button «Later», to activate the snooze feature.
  9. To delete an alarm, press the button «Delete».