AirPods Pro review: 2019 Apple Wireless Headphones

Apple once again managed to surprise fans with an unexpectedly new product. This time it was announced the sale of new wireless in-ear headphones – AirPods Pro.

But relatively recently, in March 2019, the second generation of the device was introduced. The voices of the few dissatisfied Apple heard and held «work on bugs». AirPods Pro got a new design, noise reduction and water protection.

AirPods Pro Design

The updated design became the basis for the appearance of a device of a completely different class. AirPods Pro made absolutely comfortable to fit in your ear. Moreover, the owners complete with the device will receive three replaceable silicone ear pads in sizes S, M and L. They are easy to fix on the headphone.

So any person will be able to pick up liners comfortable for themselves. This will allow you to concentrate on the feeling of music, not devices in the ear. Inside each insert there is a special conical cavity, which allows you to adapt to the geometry of the ear and better placed in it. Headphone color – white, the black version predicted by insiders did not appear on sale.

At the bottom of the headphones is a pressure sensor, which allows you to manage music and calls, and switch from active noise reduction to Transparent mode and vice versa (more details below).

The external microphone is covered with a net, which allows the sound to remain crisp even in windy weather.

Dimensions AirPods Pro

Headphones are noticeably shorter – total 30,9 mm instead of 40,5 at AirPods 2. But at the same time their width increased – she is now 21,8 mm instead of 16,5 mm in the predecessor. AirPods Pro has become thicker – 24 mm instead of 18 mm. The new headset also weighs more than its predecessor – 5,4 grams instead of 4 for AirPods 2.

The shape and size of the headphones affected the size of the charging case. It has become noticeably longer – 60,6 mm vs 44,3 mm, but lower – 45,2 mm vs 53,5 mm. The thickness remained almost the same – 21,7 mm vs 21,3 mm in predecessor. Case weight has changed a bit – 45,6 g vs 40 g. The design itself remains the same – the charge indicator is present and is in the same place.

Sound AirPods Pro (Active Noise Reduction and Transparent Mode)

The main feature of this product is active noise reduction, which provides immersive sound, immersion effect. Two microphones are used for this. The outdoor picks up external sounds and analyzes nearby noises. AirPods Pro compensates for their backward sound wave with the same amplitude before applying to the speaker. And inside the headphone is a second microphone, responsible for the removal of residual noise using a backward sound wave.

Active sound cancellation is responsible for the continuous analysis of sounds, doing it 200 times per second. The adaptive equalizer automatically adjusts the low and mid frequencies according to the geometry of the ear of the device owner. AirPods Pro has a special amplifier with a wide dynamic range, providing crisp and clear sound, while saving battery power. For rich bass sound (up to 20 Hz) and detailed high and medium frequencies are answered by a special driver with a wide amplitude and low distortion level.

Background noise is compensated by the driver using an amplifier, and the H1 chip controls the volume.

When you click on the lower part of the body, you switch from the active noise reduction mode to Transparent mode. This will make it possible to perceive not only music, but also external sounds, and in natural form. This mode allows you to hear vehicles while walking or an announcement while riding in vehicles.

Transparent mode uses a pressure equalization system, and the software drowns out just the right amount of noise.

Autonomy (battery) AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro earphones can charge wirelessly. The wireless charging case of a new form makes it possible to use headphones for periodically recharging for more than a day in the mode of listening to audio and more than 18 hours in talk mode. At the same time, the case is compatible with Qi standard chargers. In standalone mode, AirPods Pro can run up to 4,5 o’clock. Only 5 minutes of recharging in the case will enable the device to work for another whole hour.

AirPods Pro Water Protection

Sweat and water resistant according to IPX4, what doesn’t mean the device is completely waterproof. But the drops and splashes of AirPods Pro are not scary.

AirPods Pro Sensors

The list of sensors available in the device itself makes it clear, how high tech is this compact device:

  • dual directional microphones;
  • internal microphone;
  • dual optical sensors;
  • motion detection accelerometer;
  • voice activity accelerometer;
  • pressure sensor.

Office AirPods Pro

From now on, playback can be controlled from any earphone using a pressure sensor, located at the bottom of the device.

  • click once to start or stop playback or answer a call;
  • double click to go to the next song;
  • click three times to return to the previous song;
  • press and hold to switch from active noise reduction to Transparent mode and vice versa;
  • Say «Hello, Siri» to turn on the track, make a call or create a route.

Performance and Connectivity AirPods Pro

AirPods Pro appears as a high-tech device, which works based on the System in Package architecture with a unique H1 chip. It is he who is responsible for the operation of all functions of the device – from playing audio to chatting with Siri. Apple-developed chip has proven successful in AirPods 2 (2019), showing stable connection and low signal delay. 10 chip cores allow noise reduction to work actively in real time. Connecting to other devices is based on Bluetooth 5.0.

AirPods Pro Compatibility

The device is compatible with iPhone models, starting with iPhone SE, 6s. AirPods Pro will work with iPad, starting with Air 2 and iPad mini 4, as well as seventh-generation iPod touch. Headphones compatible with Apple Watch all series, as well as with Apple TV 4K and HD. AirPods Pro will work with most Mac computers and laptops, issued after 2012.

AirPods Pro Package Contents

Wireless Charging Case Included with AirPods, silicone liners in three sizes, lightning cable / USB-C and documentation.

Official AirPods Pro Video