A game for kids MarcoPolo Ocean

MarcoPolo Ocean is a virtual underwater sandbox game, which allows children to explore one of the most unexplored parts of our planet – ocean.

During the game, kids can build coral reefs, solve puzzles, explore the ocean, learn the habits of various animals, replenish vocabulary and learn new concepts, ocean related. There are no time limits in the game, that will allow the child to choose their own pace.

MarcoPolo Ocean offers six building-and-research activities, that translate the images and language of the ocean into life. In-app purchases are also available in the app.

In the process of passing the game, kids will be able to get acquainted with the characteristics of various marine fish and mammals, explore the ocean landscape, ship building and specifications, and learn about animals, inhabiting the underwater world.

From the game description:

«The open ocean is a personal aquarium, where your child can explore then, what he wants!

  1. Learn the underwater world, heading from shoreline to the seabed.
  2. Control boat diving into ocean waters.
  3. Add marine animals and fish to the ocean and interact with more than 30 different species.
  4. To study, by clicking, dragging and reading, where animals live in the ocean, see their natural behavior and then, how they interact with other animals».

MarcoPolo Ocean is designed for children under 5 years old and is iPad compatible, iPhone and iPod Touch. The application supports a number of languages, including Arabic, simplified chinese, English, French, Deutsch, Russian, spanish and japanese. The game debuted in January 2014 and since then has received more than 300 positive reviews.