8 more interesting facts about Apple Inc.

We’re continuing to tell our readers about interesting, exciting, and unusual facts and analytical data about Apple Company. We find those very interesting. Do you?

  1. There is a wide and motley picture of users of the products of the company. A lot of interesting data can be drawn from that. For instance, the lowest penetration of iPhones in the country as a whole is in India, whilst the biggest is in Japan (1st place) and the USA (2nd place). With the penetration rate of all smartphones in the world equal to 45%, the share of Apple is about 13%, which makes it around 6% of the global population. That is, from every 100 people on the planet, about 6 of them have iPhone, 39 people have other phones and 55 people don’t have any phone (but the penetration rate for phones of all companies in general largely varies, from 11% in Ethiopia to 83% in the UK). Over 80% of American adolescents have an iPhone. China and the US have more iPhones than Brazil, Russia, and Indonesia combined!
  2. The longest charge that a phone can hold in Apple is 40.5 hours on one charge, which is reached by iPhone 11 Pro Max.Первая распаковка iPhone 11 Pro Max
  3. There is a 1 in 1,000,000 probability that a random person will be able to unlock your phone using Face ID. This is mostly due to the weakness of current algorithms of facial recognition and genetic similarity of people’s faces within one race.
  4. About 400 million people in the world update their iPhones regularly, approximately 1 time every 4 years.
  5. The biggest share of income of Apple from downloaded apps from the App Store comes from China – over 8 billion downloads were made just in 2020.
  6. There are only half of the white people working in Apple Inc. today. The rest is mostly made of Asian (23%), Hispanic (14%), and black (9%) employees. From all of them, women take 38%.Machine Learning and AI - Jobs at Apple (IL)
  7. Apple’s financial revenue for 2020 was $274 billion, which makes the company earn $8,665 every second last year (given calendar 366 days). From that, net income was $57.4 billion, which makes Apple’s business profitability equal to nearly 21% (very high).
  8. The first year where the company earned over 10 billion a year of net income was 2010 ($14 b), and in 2005, the company has already been earning over 1 billion of annual net income.