7 surprising and bizarre facts about Apple Company

With this article, we continue our cycle of facts about today’s leader of all companies in the world – Apple, maker of smartphones, notebooks, and various equipment.

  1. It took just 5 years (between 2015 and 2020) to make the company rise from 700-billion worth to 2-trillion worth. At the time of 700-B worth, Apple was the first company in the world ever to cost that much. Since then, there were ups and downs but today, Apple is again the costlier company on the planet, surpassing even Google.
  2. Just by splitting its own shares in 2014, the company grew its market capitalization by 2%.
  3. Apple computers are a part of history in many ways. In 2013, one of the first-ever models manufactured by Apple was sold for whopping 387 thousand dollars at the auction.Are Apple computers immune to infections?
  4. In 1980, the company’s first-ever IPO brought it slightly over $100 million, allowing it to design Macintosh and Lisa computers. Lisa has become a commercial failure eventually but Mac didn’t.
  5. Even despite that one of the first ever-made computers by Apple Steve Jobs was named after his daughter Lisa (aged 42 today), she did not have good-and-smooth relations with her father over many years (Steve has been denying for years he had a daughter and never admitted her mother). After his death, the daughter inherited only several million dollars, whilst Steven’s wife inherited almost everything he had, which makes her the 6th wealthier woman on the planet.
  6. Apple Company is on the list of Fortune 500 since 1983.Last year's Apple is No. 4 on this year's Fortune 500 | Philip Elmer‑DeWitt
  7. The company is pretty secretive about the internal kitchen – especially considering developments of new products. Thus, they are known for creating fake projects and assigning full teams to work on those. Should anything leak – they know whom to fire.