7 more facts about Apple Company interesting to know

Apple Company is one of the most interesting companies in the world – aside from its success in the financial part of the business. With this article, we continue sharing exciting information about Apple with our readers.

  1. In China, there are many fake stores of Apple. Some of them are so similar to official stores that even official employees are spoofed with their appearance. Hunting for such fake stores is wide and tens of them are closed forcefully each year.
  2. Apple is known for hundreds of lawsuits every year in tens of countries. For instance, before entering the Brazilian market with the iPhone, it had to win the trademark lawsuit, as it had already belonged to another company there, IGM Electronics.
  3. Tim Cook, Apple’s CEO, deceives the public year by year by year, saying the company does not pursue stacking cash money and marketable securities, although Apple today stacks more than $200 billion in those, accumulating this pile every year.Apple CEO Tim Cook Optimistic About U.S.-China Trade Talks | New Hampshire  Public Radio
  4. An average person has better chances of studying at Harvard than being employed to work in one of Apple stores.
  5. The company’s day of origination is April Fool’s day.
  6. There are two versions of the Apple name. First – Steve Jobs simply loved apples. Second – Steve Jobs wanted to make parallels between an apple that fell on the head of Isaac Newton, the scientist, and his products, to highlight the outstanding quality of the latter. He even used to use Newton’s picture in some of the first products of Apple, also naming some of them as ‘Newton’.
  7. If 1 person earned $2,000 every day without days off, it would take him 2.74 million years to earn as much as Apple’s market value currently is.The Fabulous Apple Cash Machine - The New York Times