5 ways to make iPhone speakers louder

Many got into the situation, when it turns out during the trip, that the Bluetooth column was forgotten at home.

Or, eg, while cooking dinner, the user is trying to listen to the podcast, but because of the trickle of the faucet and the hiss of the pan can not hear anything. There are many situations, when do i need to increase iphone volume, however, it is not possible to use a Bluetooth speaker or headphones.

Below are five free and easy ways to make your iPhone a little louder.

1. Flip iPhone

The speakers on the iPhone are at the bottom of the device. To increase the volume, just flip the device, so as not to drown out the sound of any surface or object, eg, table top. This makes the sound a little louder and cleaner. By holding the iPhone with something, also make sure, that it is located speakers up.

2. Roll the palm around the iPhone speaker

This method is good, if you hold iphone in hand, eg, for watching YouTube. Just roll your hand in a semicircle near the speaker and the sound waves will be reflected by hand towards the ears.

3. Mode «Late night» in equalizer

Select «Settings» → «Music» → «Equalizer», and then mode «Late night». Of all the equalizer modes available on the iPhone, this is the loudest. but, if the sound on the iPhone is at maximum, when working in this mode, you can hear a slight distortion.

4. Put the iPhone in a bowl

This trick for many years. Just put the iPhone in a bowl, putting it down speaker. Sound waves will be reflected from the bottom and sides of the selected dish, thus increasing the volume.

5. Make a speaker for the iPhone yourself

The trick with a bowl works fine, however, you can send sound waves even better. Everything, what you need, This is a toilet paper roll or paper towel roll, a pair of plastic or paper cups and scissors. Cut in the sleeve, big enough, to fit the iPhone. Then make holes on the sides of each glass and slide them on the sleeve.