10 useful multi-touch gestures for the MacBook trackpad

MacBook owners are probably familiar with the many gestures, allowing to greatly facilitate interaction with a laptop.

However, not everyone knows, how to call preview function, Notification Center or Exposè. Below are 10 multi-touch gestures, which will help save time and simplify work with MacBook.

Open and close the Notification Center using a two-finger swipe

With the advent of Siri support in macOS Sierra, users have the opportunity to save various information, such as movie time, sports schedule and even results finder. Notification Center, which contains all the reminders, calendar events and t.d., opens with two fingers from the right edge to the center of the trackpad.

Launchpad Launchpad

Launchpad helps to find, streamline and conveniently run programs on a macbook. You can start the mode by mixing the thumb and three other fingers. This gesture will require a little dexterity, but when you master it, it will be much easier to open the Launchpad.

Show Desktop

In order to bring up the desktop, you need to put your thumb and three other fingers on the trackpad and spread them apart. This is the most convenient way to access files, stored on the desktop while working.

Show Mission Control

Swipe three fingers up (on some MacBook models, the gesture is performed with four fingers) allows you to run Mission Control, allows you to quickly view all open windows and spaces on the desktop. This feature is very convenient when working on laptops with a small screen, because it provides an easy way to look, what applications are open at the moment.

Display all windows of current application

If during the work you need to view a list of all open windows in the current application, Swipe down with three fingers on the trackpad (on some MacBook models, the gesture is performed with four fingers). This action will call the Exposè function, making it easier to navigate among windows and applications.

Switching between desktops

Users, multi-desktops, can easily switch between them with three fingers swipe (or four on some MacBook models) left or right.

Navigating between pages in a browser, Calendar or Quicktime

Swipe horizontally with two fingers left or right on the trackpad when working with a browser allows you to go to the next page or return to the previous one. This gesture also works in a number of other applications. for example, in the Calendar you can switch between days or months this way, And in QuickTime rewind video forward or backward.

Preview of links in Safari, Quick Look launch

Touching with three fingers when you hover the word opens a pop-up window with the definition of the word. Light touch with three fingers on the link in Safari opens the preview of the site page, and clicking on a text file or image will launch the Quick Look function.

Zoom the page you are viewing in Safari

IPhone users are used to, what’s on a mobile device is scaling down/breeding two fingers to reduce/scale up accordingly. This principle also works in macOS.

Rotate Images

Everything is simple here. To rotate the image, place two fingers on the trackpad and rotate them 90 degrees.