10 iPhone Camera Features Everyone Should Know

Most users use a regular application «Camera» for taking pictures on the iPhone or iPad.

A simple and convenient tool has an unloaded interface, quick access from the lock screen and high speed. However, some useful features were hidden by the developers.

Quick start the camera from the lock screen

For which many like a regular application «Camera» on iOS – so this is the ability to quickly launch it from the device lock screen. It is enough to make a gesture from right to left, as soon as the application opens for shooting. All takes only one second. No frame will be left out!

Use mesh

Going to the system settings → Camera you can activate grid mode, in which image, received through the video finder, divided by lines into three parts horizontally and vertically. Thanks to this, you can use the principle of composition «Rule of thirds».

Due to this, it will be easier for the photographer to frame the frame using the simplified golden section rule. Important parts of the composition should be located along these lines or at their intersection — power points. This technique will allow you to get energy-saturated images.

Useless headset

Did you know, that an Apple-connected headset with an Apple remote control can perform some of the functions of an iOS camera? By pressing any volume key you will receive a new picture or start video recording.

Volume buttons as shutter button

Not all users of touch devices like to receive photos by pressing a finger on the display. On iPhone, just press any volume button, how do you get a new snapshot. It is especially convenient to use this technique when creating a selfie on the main camera.

Focus lock

To make a quick focus fix anywhere, you need to make a long click on the display. Exposure is locked, and at the top of the display appears «Exposure lock/focus». Pressing it once, focus will revert to automatic mode.

Brightness change

For, to quickly change the brightness settings of the picture, just swipe up or down across the screen.

Burst shooting

Starting with the iPhone 5s, Apple has integrated into the application «Camera» burst shooting function. To activate it, just hold the virtual shutter, after which the smartphone will start taking pictures at a speed of 10 frames per second. The rest will only select the most successful images. Ideal for capturing dynamic objects.

Using another iPhone’s flashlight instead of flash

It is not always when an automatic flash fires that successful shots are obtained. In some situations it would be better to use the flash as a flashlight on another device. In this case, the pictures are much better. For clarity, see the image below.

Use timer

Thanks to the timer function, you can always get into the frame. Click on the timer image and select an interval of 3 or 10 seconds.


Activating the HDR function, iPhone will automatically take three photos with different exposures and combine the best parts in one picture. Starting with the iPhone 5s, it is no longer necessary to constantly enable this feature. Just click on the HDR icon and select the mode «Auto».